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Looking for more? ... Yamaha Acoustic Vertical Pianos, Grand Pianos, Disklavier, Silent, Transacoustic Pianos in
 addition to  Clavinova and AvantGrand Pianos, are sold by appointment in our Frederick, Maryland store... 

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Our product knowledge, customer ratings and commitment to a fantastic customer experience take priority. Exclusively selling Yamaha means we place huge orders for their full line of pianos, constantly have an influx of stock and coordinate deliveries daily.  The demand for production of Yamaha pianos during COVID has been at an unprecedented high, and while Yamaha is operating at full force to keep up with production, we have made it easier than ever to purchase a Clavinova or AvantGrand piano. If you would like to check stock availability of specific models and finishes, simply CHAT or CALL (301) 631-1234. Some instruments will ship within 1-3 days, while other instruments may be backordered with varied ETA's. When Yamaha USA knows when stock will ship, we will immediately pass that information along to you. We will always keep you informed of where you are in the queue for delivery, deposits are fully refundable and we are in communication with Yamaha daily. A refundable 10% deposit will put you next on the list for delivery, and you can be assured your piano will arrive ASAP. Good things come to those who wait!