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Yamaha Claviova CVP 909 


You’ll feel the difference from the very first notes you play. Realistic touch and response, paired with the unmistakable tone of the finest concert grand pianos ever made, the Clavinova CVP-909 delivers expressive capabilities and a dynamic range that redefines the standard for digital pianos today. The CVP-909 delivers authentic grand piano touch and tone, featuring two of the most coveted, word-class grand pianos - the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. With a complete palette of instrument Voices and stunning accompaniment Styles, plus new features such as Playlist, Chord Looper and Bluetooth audio, this flagship Clavinova CVP is truly an all-in-one musical entertainment center. 


Key Features

  • Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples bring two of the world's finest and most prominent concert grand pianos to your fingertips.
  • Binaural Sampling technology delivers a three-dimensional sound, which recreates the perspective of the player position through headphones.
  • Piano Room with Session Mode brings you back to the basics. Select a piano and choose the type of room you're in, and even invite a small ensemble along to play with you.
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) allows for vivid and richly-varied expression to reflect the limitless number of factors that create the sound of a concert grand piano.
  • USB to HOST connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer means you only need one cable to connect to your music-making software.
  • USB audio (MP3/WAV) recording/playback allow you to record and play back performances in the popular, space-saving MP3 format. Conveniently share your music with friends and family online or burn a CD.
  • Pro-quality background singers put you center stage at your in-home Karaoke party. You sing a song and Yamaha's latest VH2 (Vocal Harmony 2) chip does the rest.
  • Follow Lights-orchestrated song files use Guide Lamps that illuminate over the right keys to teach you classic melodies at any tempo.
  • You Are the Artist series software gives you the in-band experience to perform music by superstar artists like Adele, Coldplay and Taylor Swift!
  • The display output via USB lets you mirror your display, or show text for karaoke songs on an external monitor using a compatible USB to HDMI adapter.
  • Performance Assistant Technology (P.A.T.) lets you focus on playing the rhythms while the instrument worries about playing the right notes of MIDI songs.
  • The Clavinova 5-year, in-home warranty means that if your Clavinova has a defect or malfunction, Yamaha will send a technician to your home to assess and repair your instrument. It's rare that this is necessary due to the high-quality standards of Yamaha!
  • GrandTouch Keyboard action is simply the most advanced digital piano action Yamaha has ever made, reproducing the touch, feel and dynamic range of a concert grand better than ever.
  • Linear Graded Hammers make for the smoothest playing experience from high to low by giving each key a unique weight.
  • Key counterweights are used to adjust key balance, allowing the use of delicate pianissimo from anywhere on the key.
  • Color Touch Panel allows you to easily see the state of Voice and Style assignments and quickly access and adjust a wealth of features and settings.
  • Chord Looper allows you to record your chord progressions so that the Style engine can loop them for you, freeing you up to experiment with two-hand playing or soloing without having to worry about playing the changes.
  • Playlist lets you attach a number of settings such as Style, MIDI/audio song, Registration Memories, to any song record you create for instant recall when it's time to perform.
  • Bluetooth audio allows you to connect your music player wirelessly to your Clavinova so you can listen to and play along with your favorite songs.
  • Super Articulation 2 (SA2) Voices allow the player to get realistic expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments, such as a flute or guitar, both automatically and with the use of the two switches.


Improved From Previous Model:


  • Updated Song selection
  • LED lights in blue and white (instead of green and red) to assist the colorblind
  • New Binaural Sampling
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Rec-N-Share app
  • New CFX Grand and Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Voices


Step Ups From Lower Model:

  • Key Counter Weights
  • Linear Graded Action
  • GP Response damper pedal
  • 9 inch TFT Color LCD (vs 7-inch)
  • 1,605 Voices, 58 Drum/SFX Kits, 480 XG Voices(1,315 Voices,49 Drum/SFX Kits, 480 XG Voices)
  • Super Articulation 2 Voices
  • 17 VRM voices (vs 14)
  • 675 Styles (vs. 525)
  • (40W+30W+20W) x 2 + 80W Amplifiers vs. (45W + 20W) x2
  • Spruce Cone Speakers
  • (16cm + 5cm +2.5cm) x2 +20cm speaker system vs. (16cm + 2.5cm) x2
  • Twisted Flare port


Step Ups To Higher Model:

  • Grand Piano cabinet design & Speaker System

Yamaha Clavinova CVP 909

$15,499.00 一般價格
增值税  未含 |
  • Technical Specs


    • Width: 1,426 mm (56-1/8") (Polished finish: 1,429 mm (56-1/4"))
    • Height: 868 mm (34-3/16") (Polished finish: 872 mm (34-5/16"))
    • Depth: 612 mm (24-1/8") (Polished finish: 612 mm (24-1/8"))
    • Weight: 82 kg (180 lb, 12 oz) (Polished finish: 85 kg (187 lb, 6 oz))

    Control Interface

    • Number of Keys: 88
    • Type: GrandTouch Keyboard: wooden keys (white only), synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, escapement
    • Touch Sensitivity: Hard2, Hard1, Medium, Soft1, Soft2
    • 88-key Linear Graded Hammers: Yes
    • Counterweight: Yes
    • Number of Pedals: 3 with GP Response Damper
    • Half Pedal: Yes
    • Functions: Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Song Play/Pause, Style Start/Stop, Volume, etc.
    • Display Type: TFT Color LCD (Touch Screen)
    • Size: 800 × 480 dots 9.0 inch
    • LCD Brightness: Yes
    • Touch Screen: Yes
    • Color: Yes
    • Score Display Function: Yes
    • Lyrics Display Function: Yes
    • Text Viewer Function: Yes
    • Languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian
    • Panel Language: English


    • Key Cover Style: Folding
    • Music Rest: Yes
    • Music Clips: Yes


    • Tone Generation: Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial
    • Binaural Sampling: Yes (“CFX Concert Grand” and “Bösendorfer Grand” Voice only)
    • Key-off Samples: Yes
    • Smooth Release: Yes
    • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM): Yes
    • Maximum Polyphony: 256
    • Preset Number of Voices: 1,605 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices
    • Featured Voices: 17 VRM Voices, 36 Super Articulation2 Voices, 301 Super Articulation Voices
    • Custom Voice Edit: Yes
    • Compatibility XG, GS (for Song playback), GM, GM2


    • Reverb: 65 Preset + 30 User
    • Chorus: 107 Preset + 30 User
    • Master Compressor: 5 Preset + 30 User
    • Master EQ: 5 Preset + 30 User
    • Part EQ: 27 Parts
    • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes
    • Stereophonic Optimizer: Yes
    • Insertion Effect: 358 Preset + 30 User
    • Variation Effect: 358 Preset + 30 User
    • Vocal Harmony: 54 Preset + 60 User
    • Functions Dual/Layers: Yes
    • Split: Yes

    Accompaniment Styles

    • Number of Preset Styles: 675
    • Fingering: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
    • Style Control: INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
    • Custom Style Creator: Yes
    • One Touch Setting (OTS): 4 for each Style
    • Chord Looper: Yes
    • File Format Style: (SFF), Style File Format GE (SFF GE)


    • Number of Preset Songs: 50 Classics + 303 Lesson Songs + 60 Popular
    • Recording Number of Tracks: 16
    • Data Capacity approx. 3 MB / Song
    • Recording Function: Yes
    • Compatible Data Format Playback: SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
    • Recording: SMF (Format 0)


    • Demo: Yes
    • Number of Buttons: 8
    • Control: Registration Sequence, Freeze
    • Playlist Number of Records: 2,500 Records
    • Lesson/Guide: Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo (with guide lamps)
    • Guide Lamp: Yes
    • Performance Assistant Technology (PAT): Yes
    • Piano Room: Yes
    • USB Audio Recorder Playback: WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo), MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
    • Recording: WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo), MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
    • USB Audio Time Stretch: Yes
    • Pitch Shift: Yes
    • Vocal Cancel: Yes
    • Metronome: Yes
    • Tempo Range: 5 - 500, Tap Tempo
    • Transpose: -12 - 0 - +12
    • Tuning: 414.8 - 440 - 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
    • Scale Type: 9
    • Display Out: Yes (by using a commercially available USB display adaptor)
    • Bluetooth: Yes (Audio)

    Storage and Connectivity

    • Storage Internal Memory approx. 2 GB
    • External Drives: USB Flash Drive
    • Connectivity Headphones: Standard stereo phone jack (x2)
    • Microphone: Mic/Line in (standard mono phone jack), Input volume
    • MIDI IN / OUT / THRU
    • AUXILIARY IN Stereo mini
    • AUX OUT L / L + R, R
    • AUX Pedal: Yes
    • USB TO DEVICE: Yes (x 2)
    • USB TO HOST: Yes

    Amplifiers and Speakers

    • Amplifiers: (40 W + 30 W + 20 W) × 2 + 80 W
    • Speakers: 16 cm + 5 cm + 2.5 cm (dome)) × 2 + 20 cm, Spruce Cone Speaker, Twisted Flare Port
    • Power Consumption: 64W
    • Accessories: Headphones (HPH-150/HPH-100/HPH-50), Footswitches (FC4A/FC5), Foot controller (FC7), USB wireless LAN adaptor (UD-WL01)



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